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Getting Familiar with Your CoreStretch

CoreStretchWhen you invest in Medi-Dyne’s CoreStretch, you’re investing in lasting relief from pain. Whether your back is bothering you or you have any one of a number of different conditions, this device will provide you with an effective, deep stretch that will help your core muscles and relax tissues as well. This will not just reduce pain, but will also increase your range of motion and help prevent other injuries from occurring.

Help for that Aching Back

The CoreStretch is particularly effective if you have a troublesome back. Back pain is, of course, an extremely common occurrence, with most people suffering from it at one time or another. The CoreStretch has 10 different sizing options and three levels of fitness, and can be used in nearly any environment. Whether you’re at home or at your physical therapist’s office, at work or on vacation, it is light enough and convenient enough to be taken anywhere.

The CoreStretch provides relief from pain by delivering a refreshing and revitalizing back stretch. This can be very important if you have recently suffered a back strain due to suddenly making an awkward move or trying to lift an object that was too heavy. By taking action as quickly as possible – whether that means going to the doctor or using the CoreStretch to find relief – you may be able to prevent further pain.

But back pain is but one of the problems that can be treated by the CoreStretch. Here are some of the others:

Check out the video below for a detailed explanation of how to use your CoreStretch. If you have any questions, contact Medi-Dyne online or give us a call at 800-810-1740.