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What Can You Do to Prevent Hip Flexor Pain?

Hip Flexor PainHip flexor pain is a problem experienced by many people who lead active lifestyles. While the pain can be intense, it is manageable in most cases. But what if you could avoid that pain in the first place? Medi-Dyne would like to share some tips that could help keep you from experiencing this type of discomfort. Whether you’re having problems with your hip or you’re experiencing heel pain or plantar fasciitis, we have ways of helping you deal with the pain so that you can stay active.

Why Does This Happen?

If you’re like most people who exercise on a regular basis, you probably overdo it every once in a while. When you run, kick, bike or jump too much, your hip muscles can become inflamed. Hip flexor pain will be inevitable. It can also take place when you have to stop and start suddenly, such as when you’re playing soccer or basketball. Typically, the amount of pain will be small to start and then get worse over time. However, if you have a tear in the muscle you’ll suddenly feel intense pain. You could also feel stiff and find it difficult to lift your knee.

How Can I Keep this from Happening?

One of the best ways you can keep from being a victim of hip flexor pain is by making sure your muscles are thoroughly stretched both before and after your workout. Some of the exercises to consider include:

  • Straight leg raises
  • Knee-to-chest stretches
  • Planks to strengthen your core
  • Quadriceps stretches

Medi-Dyne offers two effective products that can help. The Core Stretch relaxes and elongates tissues to help keep your hip flexors from being strained, while the RangeRoller Pro offers the benefits of massage therapy to reduce discomfort should your muscles become sore. Contact us to learn more about these products, and share any tips that you may have to help avoid hip flexor pain. Also, let us know how you manage any plantar fasciitis issues or heel pain problems while pursuing the activities you love.