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Knee Pain : Are you experiencing Runner’s Knee?

The Issue

Runner’s Knee is an injury that can be endured in many different ways. An athlete that continually is bending their knee such as hiking, biking, jumping, and any warring physical activity can be susceptible to experiencing runner’s knee pain. The symptoms of Runner’s Knee are swelling, popping of knee, grinding of knee joints, pain behind or around the kneecap, and pain when bending the knee. The body is an interconnective chain, it is imperative to seek proper medical attention if you are injured. You do not want to end up letting the injury migrate and affect other areas of your body.

The Cause

Runner’s Knee can be attributed to many underlying issues. The most common result of experiencing runner’s knee pain is the over use of the muscles. It is essential for individuals performing physical activity to allow themselves the proper rest, to allow their body to rebuild. The body is an interconnective chain as we have discussed before. Runner’s Knee can be a direct result of fallen arches, overpronation, and weak thighs. If you are feeling pain it is imperative to take action immediately to find a pain preventative solution, before the problem migrates to another area of the body. Being an athlete myself, it is important to take care of your body. I continually listen to how my body is feeling so I can avoid injury. It is better to take a day off to allow the body to rest and recuperate, than to be out for a week because you “over did it.”

The Solution

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should first consult your physician to get a proper diagnosis. A solution that I have found that works for me is the Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap.

It provides maximum support above and below the kneecap. It reduces the force of quad muscles on the knee, and lessens the potential for popping and grinding attributed to misalignment. Below the knee it will improve tracking of the kneecap mechanism, and reduce the possibility for displacement. It is imperative to seek out a solution to prevent Runner’s Knee. Being an athlete is a way of life. Any interruption to training causes an imbalance to everyday life. Get the proper diagnosis and find a solution to get you back to your maximum performance level.

Remember to listen to your body during training. If you are experiencing an issue allow your body time to recuperate. It is important to stretch and strengthen your muscles, because the body is an interconnective chain. An athlete experiences a lot of wear and tear to the body, so take action to stay healthy and injury free!

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