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Medi-Dyne Brand Ambassadors

Keeping people pain free and at peak performance is our passion.

For the Medi-Dyne Brand Ambassador program, we are looking for individuals who not only share our passion but whose enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious.

Medi-Dyne Brand Ambassadors will:

  • Provide new product input
  • Review existing products
  • Get sneak peaks into product launches
  • Gain access to special programs and promotions
  • Share what they’ve learned

About Medi-Dyne

With almost 20 years in the industry, Medi-Dyne has developed over 60 patented products for strengthening, stretching, supporting, and protecting the body. Developed with medical professionals Medi-Dyne products high-quality, easy-to-use products that really work.

Our Brands

  • 2Toms
    • Blister & chafing prevention
    • StinkFree Detergent, StinkFree Spray
  • Cho-Pat
    • Supports, Braces & Compression
  • ProStretch, CoreStretch, StretchRite
    • Stretching & Strengthening Products
  • RangeRoller
    • Multi-layer massage tools
  • Skin-on-Skin
    • Blister and chafing protection
  • Tuli’s
    • Insoles and orthodics

Becoming A Brand Ambassador

Medi-Dyne Brand Ambassadors may be active adults, fitness-enthusiasts, collegiate or professional athletes, health/wellness professionals, beginners or veterans — all with the common goal of a heartfelt passion for enjoying life and inspiring others.

While there is no set mold for a Medi-Dyne Brand Ambassador, general guide-lines include:

  • Active social media presence on one or more of the following: Blog, Twitter,  Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.
  • Regular, consistent interaction with your followers and a strong audience on your social media channels
  • Positive, active adult, fitness or health-related content.

NOTE:  Must be 18 years of age and have graduated high school to apply.

We are no longer accepting applications for 2017. Thank you!