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What is the Difference Between the ProStretch® Single and the ProStretch® Double?

Both the ProStretch Single and the ProStretch Double, provide the patented conditioning and stretching that isolates the lower leg muscles, tendons and ligaments for the ultimate deep stretch.

With the ProStretch Double you are able to exercise both legs simultaneously to improve flexibility and alleviate injuries to the lower extremities. Additionally, when you order the ProStretch Double the Medi-Dyne Stretching Basics video can be found on our YouTube Channel. ProStretch Plus fits adult shoes up to size 13.

For the big feet or heavy use situations the ProStretch Big Foot bi-lateral is the right choice. It’s made of hand crafted wood and is 25% larger that original plastic model accommodating shoe sizes 14-21. The instruction manual and stretching are also included on the YouTubeChannel.