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Growing Importance of In-Store Merchandising

Retailers and brands have more opportunity to capture the decision of shoppers in the store.16 percent of Unplanned Purchase are Driven by Display

  • 62% of the shoppers in the study picked up items on impulse during their trip
  • 16% of unplanned purchases were driven by a display the shopper saw while shopping


Establish A Pain Free Zone

Establishing a Pain Free Zone at retail has proven to increase interest and sales while delivering a great ROI in a small square footage investment.

It’s easy to create a sales-driving Pain Free Zone™ and at retail!Medi-Dyne Pain_Free_Zone Free Standing Display

  1. Free Standing Display

“Out of all the merchandisers I have in the store, this one actually works!”

This streamlined, free-standing display is designed to hold an optimized product mix that treats the eleven most prevalent indications. In just under 4 square feet of floor space the Pain Free Zone™ display, complete with a 2Steps™ Guide to Injury Relief, makes it easy for shoppers to find solutions on their own or for store personnel to help them find the solution that is right for them.Medi-Dyne Pain Free Zone In-Line Display

  1. In-Line Merchandising

For smaller stores with no room for a free-standing display, the In-Line Pain Free Zone™ comes complete with recommended plan-o-gram and attention grabbing point-of-purchase signage.

2Steps Solutions Guide Helps Customers Find Their Solution

The informative 2Steps Solutions™ guide makes it easy for customers to find the products that will give them both relief and healing. The guide provides overview information of eleven of the most prevalent injuries and provides product recommendations for Step 1) Immediate Relief – products that provide cushion and support and Step 2) Long-Term Healing – products that stretch, strengthen, massage and protect.

2Steps Guide

2Steps Guide Inside





Integrated Packaging Makes Selection Easy

New integrated packaging is color coded by body part/injury type using colors that correspond to the 2Steps Solutions Guide tabs, allowing customers to shop quickly and efficiently.

Medi-Dyne Pain Free Zone Packaging





Medi-Dyne Pain Free Zone Color Coded Tabs

For more information and to request samples of our products, click here!