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Going to the gym is no walk in the park, and it doesn’t smell like it either. The good news is that at Medi-Dyne, we have the shoe odor and gear odor eliminating products that you need. Our products do not just cover up the smells that come along with working out or participating in a sport, they eliminate the odors all together.





Shoe & Gear Odor Causes

In thinking of shoe & gear odor causes, someone might conclude that the smell comes from the sweat on the body. The truth is that the sweat itself does not actually have an odor. However, when the sweat gets in the shoes and on the gear, it makes an environment that is perfect for growing certain bacteria that makes a bad smell. Unfortunately, these bacteria are a natural part of the skin. As individuals sweat in their shoes, socks, and sports gear, the bacteria thrives and spreads to the shoes and gear.

Shoe & Gear Odor Symptoms

The obvious symptom of shoe and gear odor is the smell. In addition, you may experience itching, sores on the feet, and excessive sweat. Often times, the odor will smell like cabbage, rotten eggs, or stinky cheese.

Shoe & Gear Odor Treatment

Immediate Relief

  • Stink Free® Spray - With an advanced formula, pores that carry the odors in your gear are cleaned in order to get rid of the stink. Shoes aren’t the only items that can benefit from Stink Free® Spray. The Stink Free® shoe odor eliminator is perfect for athletic shoes and work boots, workout gear, winter or sports hats, the inside of lockers, gloves, gym bags, pads and guards, and more.

Long-Term Relief

  • Stink Free® Sports Detergent - In addition to keeping your gear and shoes smelling nice with 2Toms® spray, clothes and other gear needs to get cleaned as well. With such high-tech sports fabric these days, it can be hard to find a detergent that eliminates odors and sweat. 2Toms® Stink Free® Sports Detergent not only eliminates the odors, but washes out all of the sweat that is on the clothing, guaranteed. With a residue lifter that is high end, clothing is restored back to perform better and be more breathable. Stink Free® Sports Detergent works on denim, cotton, gortex, canvas, neoprene, and more. Not only does it work for the typical workout shirt and pants, but it can be used to wash shin guards, shoes, hockey pads, pillows, sleeping bags, backpacks, uniforms, yoga mats, and more.