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What are Saddle Sores & Friction Burns?

A saddle sore is an ailment of the skin that is on the buttocks or surrounding area and happens to people who ride bikes, motorcycles, or horses. Friction burns are similar sores that occur when the skin rubs against another surface and can often happen in conjunction with saddle sores.


Saddle Sores & Friction Burn Causes

Saddle sores and friction burn can make a friendly ride uncomfortable or even destroy a competition. Even a small abrasion or blemish can cause a rider pain. Knowing what some of the causes of saddle sores are will help you to seek out the proper treatment for your saddle sores. The following are some common rashes and saddle sores causes:

  • Sporting activities such as bicycle and motorcycle riding, horseback riding, jet skiing, snowmobiling, etc.
  • Abrasions that are invaded by bacteria and cause boils.
  • Staying in the same sitting position in the saddle or bicycle seat for too long.
  • Rope burns or carpet burns.
  • The skin repeatedly rubbing against bike shorts or other fabric.
  • Wearing shorts that ride up and bunch near the crotch.
  • Wearing sweaty or otherwise wet clothing, shoes, or gloves for too long.

Saddle Sores & Friction Burn Symptoms

There are various symptoms of saddle sores and friction burns. Because sometimes the discomfort you are feeling is just the tip of the iceberg, saddle sores should be treated immediately. The following are some common symptoms:

  • A red, inflamed abrasion on the skin of the buttocks, inner thighs, and/or groin area.
  • A blemish that looks like a pimple on the buttocks.
  • A lesion that looks similar to a small crater.

Saddle Sores & Friction Burn Treatment

Understanding friction burn, rash, and saddle sores causes and symptoms is only half of the equation. It is important that you understand what you can do to prevent and provide saddle sores treatment.


  • ButtShield® –  By applying ButtShield® to the groin area, thighs, buttocks, and surrounding areas, you will protect your skin from further rashes and saddle sores. ButtShiled create a frictionless satin smooth surface that prevents further chafing.

Immediate Relief

  • Rest – Perhaps one of the best things you can do when you get rashes or burns from friction is to give it a rest. If your sporting event allows it, take some time off to get your injury healed.
  • 2Toms® SportShield® – If you cannot stop the activity causing discomfort, e saddle sores treatment with SportShield® towelettes will help ease the discomfort.

Long-Term Healing

  • Skin-on-Skin® – Provides the protection you need to block friction and is as soft as your own skin.
  • ButtShield® – By applying ButtShield® to the groin area, thighs, buttocks, and surrounding areas, you will protect your skin from further rashes and saddle sores.
Immediate Relief
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