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Shin Splints solutions present a viable opportunity for retailers, retail distributors and sports medicine distributors and medical distributors. Retailers including pharmacies, medical supply, sporting goods, running specialty stores, dance/gymnastics facilities, and shoe stores each serve a customer base that have a propensity for shin splints and will be looking for solutions.

The following tools are available to help you capitalize on this opportunity:

  • Education
  •  Articles, blog posts and the 2Steps Solutions Guide content can be used for buyer information. presentations, inclusion in newsletters, social media, educational seminars.
    • Articles & Blog Posts 
      • Rethinking Shin Splints: New ideas on causes, treatment & prevention
      • All Stretches Are Not Created Equal:  Evaluating the Curb, Slant Board & ProStretch Plus
      • How Proper Support Can Relieve Shin Splints and Support Ankles
      • Reducing Shin Splints Through Proper Stretching
    • 2Steps Solutions Guide
      • Contact your Medi-Dyne representative for more information


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