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About SoftMoves™

Soft MovesMen and women who wear flip flops, sandals, strappy stilettos or open toed-shoes of any kind love SoftMoves. No matter what you put on your feet, SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads make it more comfortable. SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads bring instant relief and comfort to any style of shoe and even bare feet so you and your feet can enjoy the freedom of sandals or open-toed shoes any time of year.

SoftMoves™ Products

SoftMoves Ball-of-Foot Pads and SoftMoves Heel Pads stick directly to your foot or shoe to absorb impact and provide soft, cushiony comfort directly where you need it.

The specially formulated Fixi-GelTM provides superior shock absorption and cushioning for long-lasting comfort right where you need it. Transparent and inconspicuous, SoftMoves transform any shoe into a comfortable shoe without affecting fit or appearance. SoftMoves stick directly to your foot or shoe, providing a soft cushion for blisters or a shock-absorbing pillow for hard-working feet. Naturally sticky on one side, SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads stay firmly in place without a gummy residue.

Best of all, SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads are transparent so they can be worn undetectably with any style of shoe. You’ll want every pair of shoes to have its very own set of SoftMoves.

Who Uses SoftMoves™?

SoftMoves pads are the perfect solution for anyone wearing open toed shoes or sandals.  SoftMoves provide added comfort for all. They can be worn with a variety of different types of shoes, making them a versatile option for men and women.

  • Sandal/flip flop heel pain
  • Sandal/flip flop ball of foot pain

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