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About Cho-Pat®

Cho-Pat Dual ActionFor over 30 years, medical professionals have successfully recommended Cho-Pat products for leg, ankle, knee, arm and wrist support.  Recognized for their effectiveness, Cho-Pat straps revolutionized treatment for various injuries and sport-related discomfort.

Cho-Pat® offers effective, quality products which provide immediate relief and support long-term healing.

As a leader in the industry of sports-medicine, Medi-Dyne collaborated with the sports medicine staff of the Mayo ClinicTM to ensure the highest standard of care and results were met.

Cho-Pat® Products

To ensure the most success for our customers dealing with sports-related or other injuries, we offer a variety of Cho-Pat® products in a range of sizes for maximum effectiveness. Medi-Dyne strives to provide high-quality, innovative, technologically superior products made with the highest quality materials. Cho-Pat products include:

Knee Support

Upper Leg Support

Lower Leg Support

Achilles and Ankle Support

Wrist & Arm Support

Who Uses Cho-Pat®?

Cho-Pat® products are used by a variety of active individuals, including athletes. Trainers and physical therapists also use and recommend Cho-Pat products to ensure that their teams and clients have the support necessary for peak performance. Cho-Pat straps, sleeves and splints come in a variety of sizes for a more individualized fit.

Some of the injuries that can be treated and prevented with support from Cho-Pat products include, tight hamstring, IT band syndrome, achilles tendonitis, weak ankles, forearm/tennis elbow.

Getting Started

To learn more about Cho-Pat® products and how they will benefit yourself, your team, or your clients, contact Medi-Dyne today at  800-810-1740 or 817-251-8660  and let’s get started.