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Top Running Injury No. 5: Lower Back Pain

Lower Back PainThis is the fifth in a 10-part series outlining some of the most common injuries suffered by runners.

Runners, just like about everybody else, have to deal with lower back pain at one time or another. While there are times the condition cannot be avoided, by knowing as much as you can about the causes and symptoms you will know how to seek the right treatment. Medi-Dyne would like to provide you with some information that can help you make the right choice should this problem ever affect you.


There are several different causes of lower back pain. Here are some of the most common.

  • Strained muscles – Runners typically have this problem when making a sudden move in an awkward fashion.
  • Arthritis – Osteoarthritis can result in lower back pain and also result in spinal stenosis.
  • Being overweight – If you are carrying too much weight, you will be more at risk for having a problem due to the added pressure on your back.


There are instances where people will ignore the fact symptoms associated with their lower back pain could be a sign of a larger problem. If you experience any of the following, see a doctor so that you can find the right form of treatment.

  • Lack of flexibility in your back
  • Bladder or bowel problems
  • Abdominal throbbing
  • Shooting pain from your hip down to your leg
  • Either random or continual muscle aches in your lower back

2Steps to Pain-Free Running

Tulis GaitorsMedi-Dyne and several top retailers have partnered to create the Medi-Dyne 2Steps Pain Free Zone. There, you’ll be able to not only get further information on lower back pain and other problems, but also ways to find relief. For example, Tuli’s 3/4 Gaitors®  will provide you with added shock absorption in your shoes that can help bring relief and also promote correct posture. The CoreStretch™ provides a deep stretch of the lower back that can deliver immediate relief. Visit or e-store or call us at 800-810-1740 to learn more.