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Comfort or Style This Summer?

No Need to Choose Comfort Over Style This Summer

Summer has always presented a time to liberate your feet with open-toe shoes, sandals or even going barefoot. But for many, the resulting blisters can be a high price to pay for that freedom. According to the Foot Health Foundation, almost 20 percent of the U.S. population has more than one foot problem each year. Summer should be carefree, relaxing and fun— the last thing you want to think about is heel pain and blisters.

SoftMovesTM Adhesive Gel Pads put the ease back into summer.  SoftMoves, use fixi-gelTM  self-adhering shock-absorbing gel pads so they can be worn with or without shoes.

The SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pad actually sticks directly to your foot or shoe without messy, one-use adhesives— providing a soft, pliable cushion for blisters or a shock-absorbing pillow for hard-working feet. SoftMoves are transparent so they can be worn undetectably with any style of shoe; sandals, flip-flops, backless heels, open-toe pumps or even no shoes at all. And because the fixi-gel itself is adhesive in nature, it can be moved from foot to shoe and still remain in place without falling, sliding or moving.

SoftMoves are a natural for summer, but sandals are increasingly popular as year-round shoes as well.  The superior cushioning and self-adhesive nature of the transparent, soothing fixi-gel makes SoftMoves the perfect year-round shoe accessory.

At Medi-Dyne our focus is on innovations in pain prevention. We understand that comfort never goes out of style,” state Craig DiGiovanni, Vice President, Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products.  Sandals, flip-flops, sport shoes, heels, open-toe shoes and COMFORT!

Freedom never felt so soft.