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Medi-Dyne Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Medi-Dyne® Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is proud to celebrate its twentieth year as an innovative manufacturer of products that “Keep People Moving™”.

Led by the original founding executives, Van Hubbard, Matt Hubbard, and Craig DiGiovanni, Medi-Dyne’s strategic business and product development decisions have ensured a consistent focus on meeting the needs of its customer base by delivering products that provide stability, injury prevention, and pain relief.

“So much has changed in the way the world does business over the last two decades, but our focus has not,” notes Craig DiGiovanni, VP Sales and Marketing for Medi-Dyne. “Our company’s motivation and founding spirit remain the same. Our commitment is to finding ways to keep people free of pain and free to move so that they are free to pursue their passions.”

Medi-Dyne is proud to have expanded its business through both domestic and international growth. Recipients of the Global Chamber® Dallas’ 2017 ‘Global Exporter of the Year’ award in the Health Industry, Medi-Dyne sees continued focus on global growth imperative to both its drive to identify future solutions for customers’ and its desire to expand the business.

“We’re grateful to our valued customers and our strategic partners, many of which have been with us since the beginning,” says DiGiovanni. “We remain committed to them and to the medical professionals who use and recommend our products. It’s what motivates us to innovate and to develop products that really help people.”

To mark their 20th anniversary, Medi-Dyne is displaying a new logo to reflect and celebrate this milestone achievement. Celebrations with long-term partners will continue throughout the year.

About Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

Medi-Dyne is a global company dedicated to providing easy-to-use pain relief and performance enhancing solutions that ensure peak performance. Medi-Dyne’s contributions include over sixty patented foot care, knee, blister care, stretching and strengthening innovations marketed under the well-recognized brands of: 2Toms®, Cho-Pat®, CoreStretch®, ProStretch®, RangeRoller™, StretchRite®, Tuli’s®.


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