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Don’t Let Heel Pain Rob You of Your Passion for Running

Heel PainIf you love to run, the last thing you want to do is have to stay on the sidelines because of heel pain. Whether you have nerve irritation, plantar fasciitis or some other condition that causes discomfort, there are ways you can continue to pursue your passion while managing your pain. Medi-Dyne offers tips that will help make sure you don’t have to be denied the pleasure of running.

Heel pain can occur when you first get up in the morning, after you’ve sat for a long period of time, or while you’re on your nightly 5K run. There are many different kinds of treatments for the many different types of heel problems that exist, so see a doctor so you can have yours properly diagnosed.

Dealing With Your Pain

If you are dealing with heel pain, one of the most important things you can do is get plenty of rest. Don’t go barefoot around your home – put on some supportive footwear as soon as you get out of bed. While you’re in a chair, roll a golf ball under your arch to help loosen tissue and strengthen the area.

While You’re Running

One of the most effective ways of minimizing heel pain while on your run is by putting protective cups in your shoes. These will not only provide the relief you need, they will also help promote long-term healing. Once you’re finished with your run, roll a frozen bottle of water under the arch so that you can reduce the chances of developing new inflammation. Medi-Dyne has several products that will help ensure you manage the pain you may be experiencing. Contact us if you would like to learn more.