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Want the Complete Pain Prevention Solution?

Medi-Dyne offers medically proven solutions to conditions such as; Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and tight hamstrings. Medi-Dyne’s solution sets include support as well as stretching and strengthening to provide both immediate relief and long-term healing.

The following proven solutions are available at specialty sporting goods stores and

Medi-Dyne Fitness Pain Prevention Solutions


Most effective and safest way to stretch your hamstrings,
lower back and hips to increase range of motion, prevent
injury and speed recovery.



StrengthRite is a revolutionary strengthening product that
provides an innovative, proactive solution for the prevention
and rehabilitation of ankle, shin, calf and Achilles tendon


Tuli’s® Heel Cups

The #1 Podiatrist recommended heel cups worldwide. Tuli’s
Heel Cups provide superior shock absorption for your feet –
the way nature intended. A must-have for all athletic shoes,
especially cleats.


¾ Length Gaitors®

Tuli’s Gaitors combines light-weight shock absorption with
superior arch support in an ultra-thin carbon fiber orthotic that
delivers long-lasting relief and comfort.
Available at specialty Sporting Goods stores and online at