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2Toms Blister & Chafing Prevention

2Toms All Day Protection Guaranteed   2Toms®BlisterShield®, ButtShield® & SportShield®

Join us this month on the Medi-Dyne Blog as we look at the

Cycling Saddle Sore Prevention, Blister Prevention & Chafing Prevention.

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April Showers Bring…Blisters & Chafing?

Rain, water puddles and humidity create the perfect storm when it comes to blisters and chafing! This Spring, you (and your feet) are going to get wet, it’s inevitable, so what’s your best defense? A waterproof, sweatproof, all-day prevention that’s guaranteed!

2Toms BlisterShield, ButtShield & SportShield always 100% guaranteed!

Available in personal roll-ons and travel-sized towelettes.

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Cycling Saddle Sores

Spend any time with cyclists and you are bound at some point to hear them lamenting about saddle sores.  It’s not a pretty subject, but cycling saddle sores are more common than you may realize.  Even the smallest of cycling saddle sores can be extremely painful and ruin an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Preventing saddle sores can be easy. read more

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2Toms SportShield for Her!

Designed exclusively for women,
2Toms SportShield for Her! delivers the perfect balance of protection and comfort in a silky smooth formula that lasts all day! SportShield® for Her! performs under the most grueling conditions and will not rub off.  It even works under wetsuits!  Waterproof, Sweatproof, Lasts All Day — Guaranteed! read more

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