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About Medi-Dyne

Serving over 70 countries in the world, Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is committed to providing innovations in prevention and treatment of pain and injuries. We offer products for podiatrists, athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and other individuals who need proper physical support for their pain and their injuries. Whether you have been experiencing Tennis Elbow, Tight Hamstrings, or Lower Back Pain, we have the solutions you are looking for.

Our Brands

  • Cho-Pat
  • CoreStretch
  • ProStretch
  • RangeRoller
  • Skin-on-Skin
  • SoftMoves
  • StretchRite
  • 2Toms
  • Tuli’s

Our Products

At Medi-Dyne, we are dedicated to the efficacy of each product we supply to our customers. When each product is finished, we put them through testing and evaluations by our highly qualified healthcare professionals so we are certain that our customers are getting the best products in the industry. The healthcare professionals conducting the tests are the most demanding in the industry and will take no less than the best. Through rigorous testing, we ensure the safety, usefulness, and effectiveness of each product. Not only do they work, but you will notice an immediate difference when you use our products.

With years in the industry, Medi-Dyne offers the market over sixty patented products for strengthening, stretching, and protecting the body, as well as for preventing more serious medical issues. Products range from Tuli’s® to ProStretch® to RangeRoller to Skin-on-Skin®. They provide relief for every area of the body including minor and major issues with the back, legs, and arms. In addition, Medi-Dyne products are perfect for diagnosed indications such as Swimmer’s Elbow, Achilles Tendonitis, Weak Wrists, and more.


Medi-Dyne products are used as both long- and short-term solutions for physical pain. Many of our Cho-Pat® and Tuli’s® products provide temporary relief while you participate in certain activities. ProStretch®, CoreStretch™, and RangeRoller™ offer more long term solutions, helping you to strengthen, stretch, and massage your way back to better health.

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To learn more about Medi-Dyne and what makes our products the best in the industry, call us today at either 800-810-1740 or 817-251-8660 or fill out our online form. A representative will be with you shortly to answer any questions you have about the company, the products, and your indications. Contact us today.