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IT Band Syndrome Facts

  • Common Ailment Among Athletes
    • Common cause of lateral knee pain among athletes.
    • Usually affects athletes who are involved in sports that require continuous running or repetitive knee flexion and extension.
    • Most common in long-distance runners and cyclists but may also be observed in athletes who participate in volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, skiing, weight lifting, and aerobics.

 Providing Solutions is a Profitable Opportunity

Active adults often look to self-treatment options prior to visiting a doctor.  When medical professionals diagnose ITBS, they’re looking for retail locations to send their patients for supports and solutions. Merchandising ITBS solutions presents a viable opportunity for both meeting customer needs and driving sales.

Med-dyne 2Steps Solutions:  Knees

  • Runner’s Knee
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Weak Knees

Sales Tools & Information

The following tools can be used for education, merchandising, advertising, and social media to help you capitalize on this opportunity:

  • Education
  •  Articles, blog posts and the 2Steps Solutions Guide content can be used for buyer information. presentations, inclusion in newsletters, social media, educational seminars.

Additional Knee Pain Information