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2 Toms Products Group Shot2Toms Products

  • BlisterShield® 
  • ButtShield®
  • SportShield®
  • SportShield for Her!®
  • StinkFree® Shoe & Gear Spray
  • Stink Free® Sports Detergent

Proven Markets

  • Military
  • Cycling
  • Hiking Clubs & Stores
  • Runners/Running Clubs
  • Triathletes
  • Sports Teams
  • Sales at Events

Proven Strategies

  1. Identify and Convert “Influencers”
    • Consider your target audience, whose opinion matters?  It could be an individual (athlete), media (magazines, bloggers), on-line forums, anyone whose words and/or actions reach and influence the target.
    •  For some target audiences, influencers can also include store owners and key store employees who have regular contact with customers and are looked to for purchase decision making.
    • Select your influencer targets and prioritize your contacts.  In some cases, store personnel are the most accessible and may be the easiest to reach and convert.
    • Create Brand Ambassador programs.  Have them sample the product and spread the word!
  2. Sample, Sample, Sample
    • Trying is believing with 2Toms products!  Getting samples in the hands of key targets is critical to success.
    •  Participate at marathon expos and races to demonstrate products usage, hand out samples.  Be sure to get quotes and review!
    • Offer a 2Toms Challenge.  Devise a way for on-line forum members, blog followers and social media followers to sign up for a 2Toms Sample.
    • Engage formal sampling programs.  StrideBox has been very successful in the U.S.
  3. 2Toms Successes
    • Military
      • The US Marine Corps buys a SportShield Roll-on for every new officer that participated in officer training at the base in Quantico, Virginia
      • Special Forces of Finland use the SportShield & BlisterShield in their boots & for special training
    • National & Professional Sports Teams
      • Norwegian Biathlon team uses the BlisterShield & SportShield
      • Danish National Cycling Association endorses the use of SportShield & ButtShield
      • World-Class Rower & Olympic Hopeful Meghan O’Leary
      • Chicago Fire
    • High-Profile Events & Organizations
      • London Marathon Expo
      • Ultimate Viking Challenge in Finland
      • Warrior Hike
      • Race Across America
      • Ultra-Runners Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Chile UltraRun, The Death Valley Race
      • Previous success:  Official Cooperation with Internationally acclaimed running coach Jeff Galloway
    • Reviews in Relevant Magazines & Online Forums world-wide
      • Magazines
        • Runners World UK
        • Men’s Running
        • 220 Tri
        • Women’s Fitness
      • Social Media & Blogs
        • #RunChat – Twitter Chat US

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