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Helpful Resources & Product Information

At Medi-Dyne, we are dedicated to providing the most helpful resources and product information in the industry so that whether you’re training, recovering, in rehab, or preventing injury, you will have the resources you need.

Our products are medically approved by healthcare professionals through extensive testing and evaluation so that we can offer athletes, physical therapists, and others, the products they need to get back to good health.

The following are resources that will discuss different ways that you can reduce pain, properly strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility and mobility. Doing this will allow you to focus on your performance and enjoy your life to the fullest extent.

Guides, Manuals & More

The resources you’ll find here discuss ways to reduce pain, increase flexibility and strengthen your muscles correctly and effectively so you can focus on maximizing performance, reducing recovery time and enjoying life.


For even more information or to speak to a Medi-Dyne representative, contact us at 800-810-1740 today and let us help you get back to better health.