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Each year we lose strength and flexibility in our muscles, tendons and ligaments. This loss in flexibility directly correlates to increase risk of injury and a decrease in athletic performance. Research has shown that exercise is one of the best ways to slow or prevent problems with the muscles, joints, and bones. Exercises, like those suggested below for the CoreStretch®, ProStretch® and StretchRite® can help you maintain strength and flexibility needed to avoid injuries, maintain independence and to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

To view a manual simply click on each image or text link below. To download a manual, right click and select "Save link as..." to save the manual to your computer.

These videos guide you through basic stretches for good health and advanced stretching techniques for improved athletic performance, stretching and balance training. See excerpts from the video by clicking on each video.


CoreStretch® Beginner Stretching Exercises

CoreStretch® Intermediate & Advanced Stretching Exercises

ProStretch Plus™

ProStretch Plus™ Stretching Exercises

Medi-Dyne Quick Tips: ProStretch Plus


ProStretch® Stretching Exercises


RangeRoller® Exercises


StretchRite® Basic Stretching Exercises 1

StretchRite® Basic Stretching Exercises 2

StretchRite® Balance & Stability Exercises

StretchRite® Advanced Stretching Exercises

StretchRite® Shoulder & Back Stretching Exercises


Tuli's Informational Video

2 Toms

How To Prevent Chafing

How To Prevent Blisters