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Injury Relief, Prevention & Athlete Independence
Introducing 2Steps® Solutions

Collaborating with medical professionals, Medi-Dyne has developed 2Steps™ Solutions, regimens designed to deliver both immediate relief and long-term healing for the most prevalent athletic injuries. 2Steps Solutions make it easy to identify products and exercises that will get athletes on their feet and back to peak performance. In conjunction with the 2Steps Solutions, Medi-Dyne has composed the educational and functional 2Steps™ Guide to Injury Relief & Prevention.  This interactive tool provides access to summaries of the latest injury information, as well as downloadable stretching guides, articles, and on-line stretching videos.

“The goal of the 2Steps Guide is to make it easy for athletes to participate in their recovery and injury prevention,” states Craig DiGiovanni, VP Sales & Marketing, Medi-Dyne. “Trainers’ time is in great demand. Getting more athletes involved in injury prevention and finding opportunities to promote athlete independence in both prevention and recovery activities enables Athletic Trainers to provide assistance to more athletes”.

The 2Steps Guide allows trainers to review the regimen with their athletes, set them up, and then enables the athletes to independently use the guides and videos to focus on specific stretching and strengthening exercises.  Medi-Dyne’s easy-to-use products make stretching and strengthening safe and effective, improving compliance and results.

The 2Steps™ Guide to Injury Relief and Prevention is available to Training & Conditioning Magazine subscribers for download at:

Medi-Dyne products are available through most medical supply distributors including: Collins Sports Medicine, Henry Schein Medical / Athletics & Schools, and Medco Sports Medicine.

About Medi-Dyne

Medi-Dyne is a global healthcare company serving doctors, therapists, trainers, athletes and individuals in over 70 countries world-wide. Our products are designed and tested by medical professionals and proven in clinical settings, including collaboration with sports and medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic®, to deliver on our promise of easy-to-use products that really work.

Medi-Dyne’s contributions to the healthcare market include over sixty patented foot care, blister care, stretching and strengthening innovations. Medi-Dyne’s broad range of products for foot care, stretching and strengthening, and skin care are marketed under brand names such as Tuli’s®, Cho-Pat®, ProStretch Plus®, StepStretch®, RangeRoller™, StretchRite®, Cheetahs®, Gaitors®, CoreStretch®, Skin-On-Skin® and SoftMoves®.