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What can I wash with Stink Free Sports Detergent?

Use Stink Free Sports Detergent to wash your athletic apparel, Hockey pads, Soccer Shin Guards, Shoes, Cleats, Sleeping Bags, Pillows,…
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Does my Shoe Size Change With an Orthotic?

It typically doesn’t provided your shoes are already a comfortable fit. To be sure that both your foot and your…
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Why Would I Use a 3/4 Insole Rather than a Full Insole?

Some shoes are simply too tight fitting to accommodate a full insole, and yet not supportive enough for you to…
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Who Do I Contact Regarding Product Warranties and Guarantees?

For product warranties and returns, see our Product Returns and our Warranty Information pages.  

Does Adhesive Come with my SoftMoves™?

The transparent fixi-gel used to make SoftMoves is naturally adhesive, allowing you to place SoftMoves directly onto your heel or shoe so…
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Does Adhesive Come with Tuli’s® Metatarsal Pads?

The unique “perfect fit” design of the Tuli’s Metatarsal pad allows them to say in exactly the right spot once you place…
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What is the Difference Between the ProStretch® Single and the ProStretch® Double?

Both the ProStretch Single and the ProStretch Double, provide the patented conditioning and stretching that isolates the lower leg muscles, tendons and ligaments…
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What are the #’s on the Bottom of the Heel Cups Mean?

These numbers are associated with the manufacturing process and have nothing to do with size.

What is The Difference Between The Classic and Heavy Duty Heel Cups?

Both Tuli’s Classic Heel Cups and heavy duty heel cups work with the same patented multi-cell, multi-layer “waffle” design that absorbs shock…
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