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How do I travel with BlisterShield?

We recommend purchasing BlisterShield Single Use Packets.  If this is not possible, please place product in a plastic bag (Ziploc). …
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Can I use BlisterShield with SportShield?

ABSOLUTELY!  We recommend using SportShield first on your foot or hand to make direct contact with those problem areas.  Then…
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How do I remove BlisterShield?

BlisterShield can be easily removed with hand wipes (ex. baby wipes) or soap and water.

How often can I use BlisterShield?

BlisterShield can be safely used every day, but it will make your feet “softer”.  If the end goal is to…
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Will BlisterShield improve general foot comfort?

Itching, tired feet are often caused by excess friction and heat buildup in the shoe or boot. BlisterShield prevents friction….
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Can I use BlisterShield on open wounds?

No.  BlisterShield works to prevent blisters. Although it is a very safe product, it should be used on closed, healthy…
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Can I use BlisterShield to treat blisters?

No.  BlisterShield is formulated to prevent blisters. If it was not used before the activity and a blister developed, treat…
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How do I use BlisterShield?

Put 1 teaspoon of BlisterShield into socks, shoes or gloves before any activity.  Shake shoe, glove or sock to eliminate…
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How does BlisterShield work?

BlisterShield creates a frictionless moisture barrier on your skin leaving it dry and blister free.  BlisterShield allows sweat to escape…
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How can I prevent blisters?

Identify and eliminate any poorly fitting gear or footwear.  Socks, boots, gear or shoes that are too tight or too…
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What Causes Blisters?

Blisters are the result of rubbing which produces heat. The heat separates the layers of skin and fluid develops between…
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