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About CoreStretch™

CoreStretchOriginally designed to help physical therapists achieve greater results with their patients, CoreStretch™ is available for anyone looking for lower back pain relief.

Due to the design of this product, the back is elongated, offering users a deep, effective stretch that relaxes tissues and develops the core’s major muscle groups. Range of motion, injury prevention, pain reduction, and increased recovery time are just a few reasons that so many individuals have used these products over the years. CoreStretch™ will stretch you back into shape.

CoreStretch™ Products

Medi-Dyne only offers the most innovative products in the industry. We are committed to your overall health and have a qualified healthcare professional that tests out all of the products we manufacture. CoreStretch™ products are top in back relief.

Whether you plan to use it in your physical therapy office, or if you plan to have it at home for personal use, it is a cost effective solution to back pain for most people. It provides three different levels of fitness and has ten sizing options that work for individuals whether they are in a seat, on the floor, or standing up. The product is lightweight and convenient to haul around if you wish to take it to work, on a trip, or anywhere else.

Paired with ProStretch Plus® and Tuli’s® Gel Heel Cups™, the product provides the ultimate stretching and strengthening for hamstrings. Together with StretchRite®, hip flexibility is increased.

Who Uses CoreStretch™?

CoreStretch™ is designed for anyone who needs a good back stretch to relieve some pain. Physical therapists, trainers, athletes, and others who participate in an active lifestyle have benefited from the product. Athletes and other active individuals have found relief from tight hamstrings, hip flexors, IT Band Syndrome,  shoulder pain and more by using this product:

Product Manuals and Videos

CoreStretch Manual

CoreStretch Manual






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Don’t sit around in pain any longer. CoreStretch™ is available to help individuals old and young, active or not-so-active, to regain the strength that they once had in their lower back.

Contact Medi-Dyne today at 800-810-1740 or 817-251-8660 to learn more about how CoreStretch™ can benefit you, your team, or your patients.